How to Connect Your Own Domain

April 27, 2021

Before you connect your own domain to your shop, you will have a shop address like If you decide to use your own domain for your shop follow this tutorial.

Create a Cloudflare Account

The first step to use your own domain is to create a free Cloudflare account from

You will use this account to manage your DNS settings and directing your domain to your shop address.

The steps to create an account on Cloudflare:

  1. Enter your email address and your password.

  2. Enter your domain name on the next page.

  3. On the page for selecting your plan select ‘Free’ plan.

  4. After selecting plan you will see your current DNS records on page 2. Click Continue button.

  5. On the third page you will see instructions about changing your nameservers. Take  note of the Cloudflare nameservers and go to your own domain registrars control panel. 

  6. On your own domain registrars control panel enter these nameserver addresses and remove old nameservers.

  7. Click ‘Done, check nameservers’ button on Cloudflare page. This may take 24-48 hours before your new nameservers take effect.

Setting up your Cloudflare account

After your new nameservers take effect login to Cloudflare again.

  1. Click shown on the main menu.

  2. Open DNS settings from the blue menu.

  3. Add an A record which directs to the IP address

  4. Make sure the proxy status for your record is ‘Proxied’

  5. Open SSL/TLS > Overview from blue menu.

  6. Select ‘Full’ as the encryption mode.

  7. Open SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates

  8. Activate ‘Always Use HTTPS’ toggle.

Now your Cloudflare setup is complete. Return to your shop dashboard to complete setup.

Complete setup on your shop settings

  1. Open your shop dashboard and go to Shop > Settings

  2. Enter your domain into the ‘Domain’ input.

  3. Click ‘Save’ button.

Now all your setup is complete. You can visit your online store by entering your own domain to the browser.